Michael Deazley


Michael Deazley was born in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada. His family moved to Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia on his third birthday. In the summer he turned eleven, they moved to Belmont Park in Victoria, British Columbia. When he was turning fourteen, they moved back to Ship Harbour. From eighteen until just after twenty, Michael spent some time living in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. From age twenty-three until age twenty-six, Michael lived with family in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador. Then he moved back to Ship Harbour. Months before turning twenty-seven, Michael moved into Halifax, Nova Scotia. Just after turning twenty-nine, he spent a few months in Fredericton, New Brunswick, before returning to Ship Harbour. Then at age thirty, he moved to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. At thirty-two he found himself back in Ship Harbour, where he is currently residing.

  1. Harbourside Elementary
  2. Robert Jamison
  3. Ecole John Stubbs Memorial
  4. Dunsmuir Junior Secondary School
  5. Gaetz Brook Junior High
  6. Eastern Shore District High
  7. Acadia University
  8. Nova Scotia Community College
  9. the Centre for Arts and Technology
  10. New Brunswick Community College
  • Park Attendant at Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park
  • Parcel Pick-up at Porter's Lake Superstore
  • Temporary Stock Assisstant at Labels
  • Intern at 3D Cell, ALSC, Tactics School
  • On-Call Production Worker at Weston's Bakery
  • Stock Coordinator at Bombay & Co.
Nicknames, Usernames, & Whatnot:
Mike, Mikey, Mick, Mickey, Deazley, Deaz, Deaz-Nuts, Diseasley, Diesel, Jesus, Vin-Jesus, Zeebee, Red-Viper, Dances-With-Pelletguns, Killer, Mouse, Moose, Michael-Moose, Three-Toed-Sloth, Diesel-the-Weasel, Wolfman, Mr.-Deazley, D-Man, Slayer-Of-Orcs, Deazley-Dragon, Captain-One, Silent-Walker, Silent-Stag, Silent-Dragon-Seeker, Dracos-Blood-Raven-the-Silent, Bernatheinie, Jesus-Fuck-Mike, Guy-Who-Walks-Fast-At-Meal-Hall, Loomer, Lurch, Frangler-Joe, Lolligager, Dougie, Pultimily, Egnaro, Negligable, Fry-Guy, Micjimble, Deaz-Bot, Sass-Bot, Physics-Robot, Yelzaed